Why Hire Angelo?

Listing your property in the real estate market requires the right tools and marketing strategies. As your exclusive listing agent, Angelo will use a combination of the most up-to date marketing tools in maximizing exposure of your property to the real estate market. He will  showcase all the unique features of your property and will attract the right buyer with the goal of negotiating the highest dollar value within a short period of time.

“I meet with my clients on a face-to-face basis to personally understand their needs. Selling your home is an important decision in your life and I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can work together to realize your goals.”

The Marketing Plan

As your agent, I will employ a variety of marketing tools to ensure that your property is advertised to yield its maximum benefits!

Internet & Social Media

In today’s market, it is all about going digital and ensuring an online presence. In order to yield maximum exposure, your home will be listed via all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in addition to MLS. 

Open House

An open house is a key element in showcasing your home and its attractive features as it presents the opportunity to realize its full potential. Angelo will make every effort to reach out to everyone in his network to generate huge interest and attract potential buyers.


A picture is worth a 1000 words! Photography is the key element in marketing your home to all potential buyers. It has the power to narrate and create a unique story about your property that is always appreciated by the right buyer.

HD Video Tour

Just as a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth its infinity. It unlocks the potential to narrate a story and paint an amazing journey. Angelo will employ the use of a full High Definition Video Tour of your property to embed a story that will create a lasting memory for the right buyer. 

About Angelo

The Real-Estate Market in British Columbia has always remained a key interest. Angelo has accumulated over 6 years of experience in customer service and always goes the ‘extra’ mile to maintain and foster a continuous relationship. He embarks on an opportunity to help BC residents realize their real estate goals while maintaining client satisfaction.